Combine the Flexibility of AWS with the Unified Security of vSRX

Scale your AWS workloads seamlessly and securely.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps businesses scale their workloads for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. The dynamic AWS Cloud environment also introduces new challenges, compelling many organizations to rethink their security posture and networking infrastructure. Unpredictable demand and an inadequate security solution can hinder an organization’s ability to thrive on the AWS Cloud.

Juniper’s vSRX Virtual Firewall on AWS eliminates these challenges. The next-generation vSRX on AWS combines virtual firewall and routing capabilities that enable secure, efficient connectivity to AWS workloads. Ellie Mae, a software company that processes over one-quarter of all mortgage applications in the U.S., knows about the benefits of this firewall. The company uses vSRX on AWS to scale its workloads and conquer the dynamic nature of the AWS Cloud.

The vSRX on AWS offers:

Optimal performance
The firewall can scale to accommodate demanding, high-throughput application requirements without sacrificing performance.

Single pane of glass
The Junos® Space Security Manager provides visibility and policy control across physical and virtual SRX deployments, allowing you to maintain consistent security on-premises and in AWS.

Integrated feature set
The firewall can be integrated with your existing AWS services, allowing it to scale seamlessly and adapt to elastic workloads without manual configuration.

Securing Highly Elastic AWS Workloads

Ellie Mae’s SaaS offering processes over one-quarter of all mortgage applications in the U.S., making its user traffic very volatile. Additionally, the company’s workloads are globally distributed with strict international compliance standards, demanding even greater flexibility. Find out how Ellie Mae is using vSRX to efficiently protect its highly elastic workloads on the AWS Cloud. Read the case study.

Consistent Security, Automated Connectivity

Streamline your ability to thrive in the cloud with the scalability and efficiency of AWS combined with the flexible security of the vSRX. Watch now

How we put it together
  • vSRX Firewall on AWS Bundle 1

    For AWS customers, bundle includes vSRX Firewall, NAT, VPN, IPS, application security, and subscription and support.

  • vSRX Firewall on AWS Bundle 2

    For AWS customers, bundle includes vSRX Firewall, NAT, IPS, application security, and antivirus subscription and support.

  • Solution Brief

    Learn how the vSRX enables automated, secure connectivity and consistent security across AWS and on-premises.

  • Public Cloud Marketplaces – Security

    Unified, effective protection for AWS with the high-performance, flexible vSRX Firewall.