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Lakeline Ranch

Lakeline Ranch is the first (southern-most) neighborhood in Leander as you’re entering Leander from Cedar Park on both Bagdad Road & Lakeline Ranch, bordered by Heritage Park to the South and Crystal Falls to the West.  If you’re looking for a 4 bedroom home for under $350,000 or a 3 bedroom house under $300,000, this is an ideal community!  Three different park areas, a public pool, playground, basketball court, sand volleyball, dog walking stations, and two gorgeous entrances on Osage Drive at both Lakeline & Bagdad make this a great location with tons of amenities for families of any size/shape/form-factor.

You can visit the Lakeline Ranch Community Page for more information, and/or you can visit the Goodwin Management site for official governing documents such as the CCRs, Bylaws, etc.

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