SDN Podcast Series for Cloud Operators

Learn how to optimize all aspects of your cloud services using the Juniper cloud network virtualization and cloud operations optimization platform.

Welcome to our podcast series on intent-driven cloud and unified policy.

These podcasts show you how to succeed in the world of hybrid cloud, continuous delivery, and DevOps. You’ll learn how Juniper Contrail with AppFormix can help you build out your secure cloud infrastructure and operations for the future, enabled by machine learning, analytics, telemetry, and more.

Lead your Business to Success in the Digital Age: Jason Venner, VP of Architecture and Technical Marketing, Contrail and Cloud, Juniper Networks

Digital transformation—moving to hybrid clouds, DevOps, continuous delivery, and machine learning—is what lets you innovate faster while spending less. Some of the world’s fastest growing companies use these practices to disrupt and dominate their industries. Learn how you and your customers can succeed in the digital age by building an intent-driven cloud while unifying your policies across network borders.

Coming Soon: Infrastructure for Containers—Three Things That Matter

Does your business use containers for development? Docker environments run more efficiently in an intent-driven cloud environment—that is, networking and cloud architectures that let developers build and deploy without constraints set by the physical networking infrastructure. This podcast explores the three things you need to understand to achieve an intent-driven cloud that supports your containerized apps.

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