Cheers to Hope

I’d be lying if I told you my chest didn’t constrict every time I turned on the news.  The statistics, the information (both factual and embellished), and the dooms day predictions are all so gut wrenching and depressing, who wants to watch that???  So, despite being quarantined during Spring Break, the TV has been off a LOT, or at least I’m avoiding it a LOT.  It’s one thing to process and deal with a pandemic, it’s another to try to process and deal with this pandemic when the media (both social and television) is so polarizing and apparently so full of hatred and anger.  So I just avoid it…as much as I can.  Judge me all you want, but it helps me get through the day.

Covid-19, Corona Virus, whatever you call it in your house, is bad.  We all now realize that and we all want it to be over, that goes without saying.  Nobody knows how long this will linger, or how many people it will affect, and most likely 99.9% of your Facebook or Instagram friends are NOT contagious illness experts, so they don’t know either, but they enjoy the drama and love the attention of being a keyboard warrior.  One thing I do know, it will end and we will move forward, I promise.  We’ll come back to what “moving forward” looks like shortly.

In the meantime, lets touch on what we’ve been doing to make the best of this awkward, bizarre, twilight-zone’ish time.  We have gone horseback riding at Athaight Ranching & Rescue.  If you don’t leave there with a smile, perhaps you are one of the doom & gloom people on the interwebs and need to reevaluate anyway.  The petting zoo there is the best I’ve ever been to…the animals are extremely social and friendly, not to mention comical and cute.  The goat are a riot and there’s a little white donkey that hugs you!

Horseback Riding

The Funk Group on a bunch of horses…no jack-asses here!



I mean, seriously…what could be cuter???

We have played board games, card games, rearranged the garage so we could throw darts (yes, with injuries), and hung out on the driveway, just to feel like we’re being social!


Darts and cards in the garage…because…well…we were bored of being inside! And yes, my youngest did impale her calf with a dart, #winning



Have you played “Cards against Humanity” with your daughters yet? Oh, it’s not awkward at all…

We have also been getting lots of meals “to go” from our favorite local eateries.  We feel compelled and obligated (in a good way) to help them through this tough time since their livelihood depends on our gluttony and vices!  So, we eat and, thank you to Governor Abbott, we drink!  Margaritas (or whatever tasty beverage you enjoy) delivered and/or picked up to go is probably the coolest thing ever, and certainly the best thing to come from this whole situation (seriously)!

Southerns Pizza

Southern’s Pizza is FANTASTIC! Coldest beer in town and great thing pizza! Beer and wine to go, hooray!



Alzer’s BBQ is one of the best in the area…good enough to wear my slippers in the rain, don’t judge…


Shady Grove

Shady Grove’s patio is probably the coolest place on Earth…we went there JUST before the quarantine was in full force. We are going back asap, despite me not being quite cool enough for that place!


Sharks Burger

Not only do they have great burgers, their breakfast tacos are SUPERB!


Margaritas To Go

Thank you Governor Abbott for the tasty beverages…TO GO!!!  Ritas from Jardin’s!

I’ve written other blogs that highlight a few of the places above (Best Burger, Best Mexican Food, & Best Happy Hour), read about ’em and please patronize them, they all need it!


Tree of Hope

Here’s a “Happy Little Tree” as Bob Ross would call it.  This guy just sprouted leaves in year two of his life.  



This was in Georgetown this morning (3/22/2020).  How is this for hope and good vibes.  Deer and bluebonnets…doesn’t get more Texan that that!

That’s what we’ve been up to, now let’s get to the hopeful and good stuff and how “moving on” looks or what our new normal will be. Once the dust settles and the virus goes “buy-bye”, what are YOU going to do?  Will you go to The Shady Grove, will you go to Jardin Del Rey, will you have a party at your house?  Will you go to the Barton Springs or Hamilton Pool?  Will you simply go shopping or find a patio with some live music?  Regardless, you will certainly appreciate where you are and what you’re doing…I know we will!

Beyond your personal life, what will the collective new normal be?  I’m eager to see if there will be a new Baby Boom!  I mean, the logic is there <wink wink>.  And/or if we will have a new federal holiday.  Stands to reason, given the impact on our nation, that there may be a holiday to commemorate those lost and to celebrate restarting a nation and a world.  What do you think life will be like?  What exciting things will we come up with?  Americans are very creative and love to celebrate…so how will that look? Let’s get the dialogue going…share your thoughts, hopes, ideas.

I think and hope the American (and World) collective is gaining a renewed spirit during this tragic and depressing time.  I believe we are rekindling the fire of Patriotism that is inherent in our Nation’s people.  I firmly believe, and have faith in this great Nation that we will quickly get back to a new way of life with more appreciation for the Country and our own neighbors.  We may not all agree on everything, but we are in this together and will rejoice together.  So, grab a margarita to go, and let’s send up a collective “Cheers to Hope”…because we all need to see that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Texican Margarita Flight

Cheers to Hope!