Happy Hour in Leander, Cedar Park, & Liberty Hill

Finding the best Happy Hour in Leander, Cedar Park, & Liberty Hill is challenging, to say the least.  Let’s be honest, nearly all of us yearn for a tasty beverage from time to time, but we cringe at the thought of a $12 margarita or $8 draft beer.  In that “spirit”<yes, pun intended>, Funk Group has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of Happy Hour spots in Leander, Cedar Park, & Liberty Hill.  Beer, wine, cocktails, shots, and appetizers, we have it all on this list.  In addition to the beverages and snacks, we also included whether or not these establishments had patios, since we live in the Austin Metro, we have some of the best weather on Earth, so why not enjoy it on a patio?!

Longhorn Desert Pear Margarita

Desert Pear Margarita from Longhorn Steakhouse in Cedar Park. This thing is HUGE!


Blue Corn Harvest

Blue Corn Harvest Peach Margarita and yummy Queso!

We spent hours calling, browsing, and yes, sampling these local establishments, simply to provide a service, other than real estate, to our local patrons.  Without further adieu, here is the data we compiled!

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*Excel Spreadsheet of Happy Hour raw data can be downloaded here, if you’re in to that sort of thing!

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights has great drink & appetizer specials during Happy Hour!


Southern's Pizza

Southern’s Pizza offers VERY affordable draft beer (33 degrees, btw) and HUGE pours of wine.

As for analysis, there are a few angles from whence one can view and digest this data.  If you’re simply looking for the cheapest drinks at Happy Hour in Leander and Cedar Park, then you’ll likely consider Chili’s, Mouton’s, Brooklyn Heights, and Maggiore’s, perhaps some Leander Beer Market.  If you’re after tasty snacks to go with your frosty libation, then you might consider something like a Blue Corn Harvest, BJ’s Brewhouse, or Foxhole Culinary Tavern.

Finding the Best Happy Hour in Leander, Cedar Park, & Liberty Hill is a bit more challenging than finding the Best Burger or Mexican Restaurant in the area since peoples’ tastes and preferences are so varied.  We encourage you to peruse the list, use it as a reference, then give ’em a shot!  Again, we’re just offering our findings and suggestions in hopes we can simplify the age old answer to “where you wanna grab a drink?”