Going Pro…

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After nearly 20 years of dabbling in the Austin High Tech scene as an “IT Guy”, “Support Guy”, “Sales Guy”, and various other titles, the whole time stewing on what type of business I could start outside of High Tech to escape the “rat race”, I finally decide to “Go Pro”…in Real Estate!  It’s not an easy transition, you know, to leave a cushy corporate gig with a salary and benefits and all that “stuff” most people take for granted, I know I certainly did, but when you want something else bad enough, you go get it, and that’s what I did and what I’m still doing. 

I was fortunate enough to have a very cool boss at the time, who is also a repeat client of mine now, btw, to help with the transition out of the corporate world, but it’s still a huge shift in mentality, stress, and life, not just to switch careers, but to go to a 100% commission-based income model with zero benefits!

My new pro career will morph, it will shift, it will have ups and downs, but it’s the right fit for me.  Some day it will pay off, too, I mean, I signed a big fat contract…right?  I basically signed a 30 year contract, with no signing bonus, no guaranteed amount, no endorsements, and, oh yeah, a few less zeroes than those that Tom Brady & Mike Trout signed!

There are months where money doesn’t come in, at all, and that’s when my chest constricts, my brow glistens, and I get a little grumpy, but then I remember what and who I’m doing this for and my new lifestyle that it affords (even when I’m broke), where I don’t live the life of “Office Space” and the Grumpy Gusses that sit on Mopac & 183 for about (on average) 9.375 days per year (I did the math myself).

I get to run my own brokerage, manage my own performance (no excuses any more), and answer to bosses that I get to control working with (i.e. my clients).

If you don’t like where you work or what you do for “work”, figure out how to “Go Pro” in something you love…then do it…it won’t be easy and you won’t get rich over night, but you won’t be miserable and you can take pride in your accomplishment(s).


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