One of the biggest, toughest, heart-achy’ist, most maddening, frustrating, and ridiculous hurdles to tackle when you make the decision to go the route of being self-employed is, drum roll please…health insurance!  The moment you inquire online with any one of the myriad of providers, or dare to look at the affordable care act (ACA) exchange, you’ll be inundated with calls.  In fact, to this day, I get no less than 4 calls, PER DAY, from automated insurance robo-callers that are trying to snake my money.  I tried everything, literally, everything.  I tried the most common paths, I tried the non-traditional paths (member sharing, i.e. MediShare), and I tried them all over again.  ACA isn’t an option, because either you’re too poor, too rich, or stuck in the middle, and if you’re in the middle, you’re about to be poor because their premiums are exorbitant!

Then my buddy Travis, who I get my home & auto insurance through (I’ll sing his praises in a separate post), referred me to Jimmy!  Jimmy opened my eyes to a whole new world of insurance coverage.  He took the time, and I actually listened, to explain the details of a few plans.  I have 3 kiddos, 2 of whom are gymnasts, so he led me in the direction of a few plans that would suit our needs.  When it was all said and done, I finally had an insurance plan I could be confident in and one I could count on.  I don’t sweat when someone has a cough or a sore throat now, I don’t cringe when it’s time for an annual checkup, and if someone gets hurt, it’s not the end of the world…and we’ve had to put it to the test!  The coverage is legit…it ACTUALLY covers things and their back-office is helpful.  Jimmy is a good ole’ boy from Oklahoma that knows his stuff and is great at his job.  He has hand-held me through a few claims and answered all my annoying calls, yet he’s still there when I have questions. He is a rare creature, he is professional!  Tough concept to grasp these days, I know.

So, call or email Jimmy if you’ve heard the same ole song and dance and are just ready to move on and have coverage you can count on.  I get nothing out of it, just sharing my hard learned lessons with the world.

Jimmy Reynolds
Catalyst Insurance Group
[email protected]